What does a lead mean in real estate?

In the real estate industry, a lead is particulars on a possible buyer or seller. A successful real estate agent is an expert in generating leads. As compared to the general public, it is more effective to target individuals already considering listing or purchasing a property. Moreover, if the lead is received from a person the probable client trusts and knows, then the real estate agent will have an advantage over other agents, when approaching it.

Most Important Types of Leads:

There two most important types of leads that you should know. They are

Unqualified Leads

When someone is not ready to buy a house from you at the present time, we cal it as an unqualified lead. Moreover, we can determine it through other factors such as

  • If they couldn’t afford to purchase the house at that time.
  • When they’re not ready to deal in the house.
  • If they’re unaware of your real estate agency (e.g Burlington real estate industry).
  • When they haven’t started the dealing process.

Qualified Leads:

When someone buys or sells a house from you at the present time, we call it a qualified lead.

  • If they’ve knowledge about potential agencies.
  • When there is a good relationship between the agent and the customer.
  • If they understand their needs.
  • When they are aware of their budget.
  • If a qualified lead is prepared to buy or sell anytime, even now.

This was the difference between the two most basic types of Leads.

Tips To Get Leads

For a realtor, being successful depends upon the Leads. A real estate agent should maintain a healthy pipeline of leads. Following are some of the tips for a realtor to flourish in the industry:

  • Build partnerships to grow your business; also, a partner is a helping hand in the business.
  • If there is any customer with whom you have a good relationship, you can throw them a house party to build that relationship stronger.
  • Invite you, clients, for the meeting at the same restaurant for everyone. As long as you become a regular customer of that restaurant, they will help you make your deal easier by a nice and appropriate environment for your deal.
  • You can also get a lead by appreciating your clients by writing a handwritten note to them. Thank them for believing in you.
  • Get yourself featured by investing in paid advertisements. You can advertise yourself through billboards, running Facebook and LinkedIn ads, through newspapers, and much more
  • Building your own website allows you to build a personal brand. You can showcase your specialties on your website. You can also share reviews from your customers to that website.

Some additional tips

  • Also you can become a specialized agent by developing a niche. So, select a niche and be an expert in it. As this will allow you to give more attention to that specific niche.
  • Moreover, use ‘Coming Soon’ signs to build expectations in the customer’s mind.
  • Don’t miss the leads. Even if a customer is not interested in your offer, show them all your collection. And try your best to sell them the house.


You can become a victorious real estate agent by getting more leads. Also, we’ve discussed many things regarding what a lead means in this article, which will help a Burlington real estate agent to grow his business.

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Real Estate Questions

While dealing in real estate, many questions arise in our mind. Several things are to get checked before you get into this business. Below we have discussed some common real estate questions. Also, you will find detailed answers to all these questions in this article.

Can you start investing in real estate with no payment?

Yes, real estate business can get started with no money, but you should be smart enough to initiate it. You need to be more creative so that you don’t need any investment for the business’s start-up. Not everyone has an advance payment to start-up this business, but everyone can start this business with little to no money by considering the following strategies:

  • You can become a partner with someone
  • Owner Financing
  • Wholesaling
  • Getting loans on behalf of some personal asset
  • Borrow loan using the equity of the home as a guarantee

Adapting to these strategies will surely make you flourish in real estate. And will help you with the dealings.

Deciding whether you want to be an active investor or passive one

If you owe a real estate investment, you can be either be an active investor or a passive one, depending upon the circumstances. You need to figure out which type of investor you want to be. 

  • Active real estate investor:

An active real estate investor is the one who buys the property and manages it himself. An active investor depends on money made from investment to run the business. For example, if a person is an active investor, he has to buy the property, rent it, or renovate it. Shortly, he’s responsible for earning a profit from it, and it is his primary source of income.

Passive real estate investor:

A passive real estate investor doesn’t have to manage the property himself. Instead, he can hire a professional to look after his property. This activity is not a passive investor’s primary source of income.

You have to decide whether you have to be an active investor or a passive one.

What are the Potential Tax Benefits?

Following are the potential tax benefits that real estate investors must know for passive investments and active investments, respectively:

  • For the passive investors, with the help of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the amount earned from pass-through structures, such as REITs, are given a 20% tax deduction.
  • For the active investor, a 1031 Exchange gives investors a way to postpone capital gains taxes on their starting investment indefinitely. While this doesn’t let an investor lower their capital gains tax liability, it can give a step-up in basis upon heritage.


After carefully reading the real estate questions and the answers discussed above, you can quickly get a good deal before investing in this business. In the above discussion, we have considered the top essential questions to ask a real estate investor to earn as much profit as possible before we invest in real estate.

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