Get Exclusive Buyer & Seller Leads + In Person Appointments
Hive ISA Calls a Lead within the First 5 Minutes!

Having an edge up on the competition and a continuous supply of fresh Leads to follow up, make calls and appointments, get listings and sell more properties, you will have the potential to double, even triple your income level and profits for yourself and your real estate team.
Our trained ISAs are experts in converting leads into qualified appointments for #Realtors.
Hive Can Help you Scale your Real Estate Business
Our dedicated Inside Sales Associates instantly contact every lead and make up to 10 attempts within the first 5 days via phone, text, and email. We provide 100% lead coverage. We nurture your leads up to 24 months in your pipeline. Helping you generate more transactions and increase your ROI.

Inside Sales Agents [ISA]

You're 25x more likely to convert a lead in the First 5 Minutes. We call them while they're still browsing the internet. Leverage our ISA to close more deals.

Refined Calling Scripts

Hive has more than 14 years of experience in scripting and training Inside Sales Agents in various industries

Lead Conversion Experts

Hive Lead Conversion Expert (LCE) integrates into your Team, Lead Pool and your own CRM.

Call Leads Within 5 Minutes

We Have 5 Minutes to Contact Leads. 78% of Clients Buy From the First Responder.

Appointment Setting

Our highly-trained Inside Sales Agents pre-qualify each lead and book in-person appointments for you to meet your new clients.

Daily Reporting

Get daily reports from your dedicated ISA on your leads and appointments. We work with you to scale your Real Estate business.

Dedicated ISA & Account Manager

A dedicated sales representative is assigned to your leads. From prospecting to nourishment to appointments to meet you.

No Contracts

We focus on earning your business every single day and don’t lock you into exhausting annual contracts.

Engagement History

Real Estate Agents are empowered with unparalleled insights & an overview of every lead. All calls, text, emails made are recorded for quality and training purposes.
Questions & Answers
Get your answers about Hive Services below:

What services are offered?

We generate high intent leads, then we follow up with each lead within the first 5 minutes, we pre-qualify each lead, nurture up to 24 months, and book appointments for you to meet new clients.

What types of campaigns are offered? I’m interested in buyers, sellers, pre-construction, wholesale - really anything.

We generate seller leads, buyer leads and we specialize in New Home Development projects. We have worked on 9 pre-construction projects with 3 different builders. We own our own server company and have in house web developers, we can build landing pages and have a quick turn around for pre-construction projects. 

Where do you get buyer and seller leads from?

Facebook, Instagram and Google Search/Display Ads.

Is there a free CRM?

Yes, it is included for the first 3 months ($55.95 USD/month), it is called: VincoCRM Simple Software to Convert More Real Estate Leads. Respond Faster, Do More Follow Up, Set More Appointments, Close More Deals. Tracks all Inside Sales Agent activities, calls are recorded, calls made, text and all communication with your leads can be viewed by you in the CRM or via the App. 

Are websites offered?

We build custom websites for our clients with our web development partner; Incom Real Estate. Prices start from $40/month. Any agent that would like to exclusively receive leads from Google Adwords/PPC ads, will require a website with an IDX feed that would showcase homes for sale with a registration form to capture the leads. 

Can I see examples maybe? Branding is important to me as reputation is everything.

In our experience branded Ads/landing pages do not yield good quality leads. Unless you’re an agent in your specific demographic with years of brand awareness; billboards, print, awareness social ads. Reputation will take time to build. Our ads are non-branded but specific to the region you service in. 

How many clients currently? I ask this because I don’t want to be left hanging and not getting help..

We are completely transparent with you. You will have a dedicated Account Manager & Inside Sales Agent, available to you anytime. Our staff are always available to you, also on the weekend.

What are some prices I should expect? Low to high maybe?

Our prices start from $1,549/mo including ad budget. We are competitively priced and we care more about your ROI and relationship. 

What makes you better?

We are a digital marketing firm at heart with over 15+ years of experience in generation online leads. Many organizations use us as their white label agency. We generate leads based on data-driven technology, we do not use traditional means, we developed our own AI-based chatbots which adds another layer to your ad campaign to pre-qualify further.

We also developed our own form system, we ask for the email address first, then our AI searches over 150+ internet sources that match that email address and only shows fields that the user needs to fill in; data-driven. We have an App and CRM being developed. All of the calls our ISA makes are recorded, you can hear all the calls anytime. The CRM will have all your leads, all the calls made, all text messages that were sent, all end to end communication made to and from your leads are tracked in the CRM. That is what sets us apart, complete transparency. We want you to succeed, that is our bottom line.

What is the success rate?

Our conversion rates to appointments to transaction are 11%.

Is there a guarantee on anything?

We can only guarantee the number of leads and appointments we book, how you carry on with client and close transactions is really on your capabilities.

How long does it take to set up?

24-48 hours for your campaign to go live and introduction with your ISA.

What is the minimum contract length?

Yes, there is a minimum 3-month commitment. Leads need to be nurtured and followed up, it will take us at least 2-3 months to properly work your leads. Please give our highly trained ISA’s the time to properly book high-quality appointments for your real estate business. 

How would I be billed?

We bill your entire package prior to your campaign launch. We accept payments via all major credit cards.

Traditional means of advertising does not work.
The world has gone digital and your buyers/sellers are out there surfing the web.
Google ADS (PPC) & Social Ads Management
Hive In-House Digital Marketing Experts are Paid Search (PPC) experts who will manage your Google Ads spend to generate leads on your website/landing page. Our Social Media Marketers will manage your Facebook and Instagram ads to generate more targeted and qualified prospects.
Customized IDX Website & Landing Pages
Leverage an IDX powered website to provide your clients and leads with Live MLS search results.
Canadian Owned & Operated
Hive In-House Digital Marketing Experts are Paid Search (PPC) experts who will manage your Google Ads spend to generate leads on your website/landing page. Our Social Media Marketers will manage your Facebook and Instagram ads to generate more targeted and qualified prospects.
Never call a bad lead again. We’ll qualify your leads for you, so you can close more deals.
See How We Follow Up with Real Estate Leads

Hive is a lead generation and leads nurturing platform designed to get real estate agents more high-quality leads and shorten the time from contact to close.