Warm-up real estate cold lead

A real estate lead is generally the name and contact information for someone who may be a future client. Also, a realtor requires more leads in order to be successful in the field. Moreover a real estate agent should definitely focus on leads in order to be successful in the field. So, here are six effective ways through which a realtor can warm-up real estate cold leads.

1.Focus on the person, not the money

Initially, the realtor should only listen to the client’s story. And he should understand the lead. Moreover, he should frequently ask questions about the customer’s requirements. And he should act like he’s admiring all the things the client is saying. Also, he should show interest in the customer, not in the money. And make them believe that you’re genuinely interested in their task, not in their money. As, this will create an impact that you’re highly professional. And committed to the tasks assigned.

2.Send an email with video

Just imagine, if you send a video email to your lead and greeting them as if you’re in front of them, instead of sending them paragraphs. This will let you convey your message more efficiently and would attract the customer. This may also increase the number of replies and clicks. This would definitely help you to warm-up real estate cold leads.

3.Maintain a positive mindset

It’s difficult to control your temper while dealing with different types of people all day. But you have to stay cool and positive while talking to the lead. Your behavior and attitude will be reflected in your communication, so it is necessary to stay calm. Try to remove negative energy from you. Talk to them happily. And it will help to warm up real estate cold leads.

4.Write casually

Try to be friendly with the lead. Use casual words like ‘kinda’ or ‘gonna’ in your emails. This will allow you to look like a real person rather than a general email template. Here are some other tips which should be considered while writing an email

  • Firstly, write brief sentences.
  • Secondly, knowingly break some grammar rules. And try putting ‘And’ or ‘But’ at the beginning of the sentences.
  • Lastly, to really drive home a point, use a one-sentence paragraph.

Following these steps will help you to warm-up real estate cold leads.


Commonly, buyers and sellers feel excited, optimistic, anxious, overwhelmed, and discouraged. Admit these emotions in your initial conversations or emails. And try to approach them with a different style of words.

6.Briefly share your story

While approaching a lead, you should briefly tell them about yourself. Also let them know tour expertise and why you’re in this business. Offer up a little more about yourself in the first email to create a positive relationship between you and the lead. Tell them about some of your happy clients. Make them believe that you’re a professional, and you would not disappoint them.

These were the basic steps through which you can warm-up real estate cold lead. This will surely help you to become successful in the real estate business. These steps will only affect your business if you’re following them accordingly and precisely. 

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Jessica Gomez August 10, 2020 0 Comments