Top questions asked frequently from home buyers

There is a difference between an asset and a liability. A liability requires a huge capital in the beginning and keeps drawing money from you. Whereas an asset pays you off well even, you do not pay any attention to it. Buying a house is an asset. Since the interest rates on mortgage loans are low, one must go for buying a house. For some people, renting is also fine, but one had to take one firm step, and they can get rid of the rents. Here are some top questions asked from home buyers:

Should I talk with a bank before looking at homes?

Yes, it is necessary that you talk with your bank and get a rough estimate of your budget. Once you have a clear idea of how much you can spend on the house, you can look for the best one in that budget. Time is unpredictable, and there might occur any casualties, so must stay well prepared for that. Imagine you have finalized a house and you really like it, but the bank does not approve your mortgage loan? Yeah, it happens. 

Can I find a rent-to-own property?

Another question among the top questions asked from home buyers is “can I find a rent-to-own property”? Though it is very rare that you find rent to own property, however, it is not impossible. Many people are still confused if it exists or not, but actually, it does. As it is a rare concept, there are a few important things you should keep in mind. 

I own a home, should I buy another before selling my current home?

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of buying a home before you sell our current one. The biggest advantage is that you stay stress-free and calm while you sell this house. You don’t sell me in a hassle and so might end up getting a good deal. You don’t have to worry about where to stay when you sell the current one. However, it does require a huge investment from your side, and sometimes it is difficult to pay the whole amount in advance. Keep this question in mind while making a deal.

Do I really need a Realtor when buying a home?

It is necessary to have a realtor b your side while you make the deal. This helps you get the best value for money. Make sure that the realtor is a trustworthy and professional person. You might encounter a few dishonest realtors as well that can ruin your deal. 

Who pays the Realtor fees when buying a home?

It is a very common question, and it seems confusing to people. However, usually, the seller pats the realtor fees. Make sure you kook for a realtor who has good reviews and past history. A little care can save you from a huge loss. 

What is a short sale?

It is important to under the concept of a short sale before you indulge yourself in such a case. It refers to the sale of a home in which the balance of debts is greater than the proceeds from the sales. This makes the homeowner unable to pay the full liens. 

These were some top questions asked from home buyers. Make sure to keep them in mind before making a deal.

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Ten real estate questions every agent should prepare to answer

Being a real estate agent, you need to be perfect in your job and answerable to your client’s questions. When a client is looking to hire a realtor, he demands the best agent in the market according to his requirements. You should have a deep knowledge of these common real estate questions and things related to it. The following are most expected ten real estate questions and answers which a client can ask you before hiring you.

Is this your full-time job?

A client is looking for a person who is available to him most of the time. When a client asks you this question, you should reply to them positively. Either tell them that this is your full-time job or handle the situation by saying that you’re going to give your best if they hire you.

How much is your experience?

Experience is one of the fundamental assets of a realtor. An experienced real estate agent must have a good knowledge of this field. Also, he has a good understanding of other people in the market. If a client is hiring you, he would definitely ask this question to you.

In which way you’re better than others?

This is the third question in the list of top ten real estate questions. Let them know about your specialties and your achievements. A client would always hire an agent who is the best in the market. You need to be better from other people in the market. Ensure your client that you’re going to save their time and money both.

Number of clients you’ve served before

A client can ask you the number of clients you’ve helped before. A client would hire you if and only you’ve helped maximum clients in a short period of time because only a well skilled and experienced realtor can do so.

Do you have Contact Information or Reviews from clients you’ve served?

The fifth question among top ten real estate questions is having record of your previous work. The client would always hire an efficient realtor who has helped many of his clients in the past. You should have solid proof of what you’ve done to help your past clients.

Who is in your real estate team?

You should have a compromising team devoted to the task assigned by the client. Let the client believe that you and your team will complete the task easily and quickly. Tell your client that you’ve experienced and skilled people in your team.

Do you demand a pre-approval before seeing houses?

The seventh most important question in top ten real estate questions is this. They can ask you whether you require a pre-approval or not. Make them clear about all the instructions in the deal and let them know that they won’t be disappointed.

Are you going to attend the home inspection?

Tell your client that you’re always with them while inspecting a house.

How are you going to negotiate on the client’s behalf?

Prove to them that you’ve strong negotiation skills and you are going to negotiate the best for them

What if the client is unsatisfied?

Do not force the client into a working relationship and let him choose what he wants.

In order to get a lead, you should get prepared for these ten real estate questions. Answer these questions about real estate to the client appropriately to satisfy them before the deal starts.

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Real Estate Questions

While dealing in real estate, many questions arise in our mind. Several things are to get checked before you get into this business. Below we have discussed some common real estate questions. Also, you will find detailed answers to all these questions in this article.

Can you start investing in real estate with no payment?

Yes, real estate business can get started with no money, but you should be smart enough to initiate it. You need to be more creative so that you don’t need any investment for the business’s start-up. Not everyone has an advance payment to start-up this business, but everyone can start this business with little to no money by considering the following strategies:

  • You can become a partner with someone
  • Owner Financing
  • Wholesaling
  • Getting loans on behalf of some personal asset
  • Borrow loan using the equity of the home as a guarantee

Adapting to these strategies will surely make you flourish in real estate. And will help you with the dealings.

Deciding whether you want to be an active investor or passive one

If you owe a real estate investment, you can be either be an active investor or a passive one, depending upon the circumstances. You need to figure out which type of investor you want to be. 

  • Active real estate investor:

An active real estate investor is the one who buys the property and manages it himself. An active investor depends on money made from investment to run the business. For example, if a person is an active investor, he has to buy the property, rent it, or renovate it. Shortly, he’s responsible for earning a profit from it, and it is his primary source of income.

Passive real estate investor:

A passive real estate investor doesn’t have to manage the property himself. Instead, he can hire a professional to look after his property. This activity is not a passive investor’s primary source of income.

You have to decide whether you have to be an active investor or a passive one.

What are the Potential Tax Benefits?

Following are the potential tax benefits that real estate investors must know for passive investments and active investments, respectively:

  • For the passive investors, with the help of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the amount earned from pass-through structures, such as REITs, are given a 20% tax deduction.
  • For the active investor, a 1031 Exchange gives investors a way to postpone capital gains taxes on their starting investment indefinitely. While this doesn’t let an investor lower their capital gains tax liability, it can give a step-up in basis upon heritage.


After carefully reading the real estate questions and the answers discussed above, you can quickly get a good deal before investing in this business. In the above discussion, we have considered the top essential questions to ask a real estate investor to earn as much profit as possible before we invest in real estate.

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